Is It Just Me Or Is America Getting Fatter?

Pizza and SodaIt seems common knowledge that Americans are becoming more and more obese.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more than one third (35.7%) of adults in America are obese.  It’s no wonder why people are overweight considering the lifestyles most Americans are living. There are many factors that go into eating healthy and keeping one’s weight in check and it seems to me the root of peoples’ obesity starts in the kitchen.  In this article I’m going to give some of my tips on eating healthy. So here are three foods I strongly believe you should try not eating.

White food.  Instead of eating white products like white rice, white bread, or regular pasta, stick to brown products like brown rice, wheat or whole grain bread and wheat pasta. I say this because brown products have much more nutrients in them than white products and they make you feel more full because they take longer to digest. White products have often been bleached of all their nutrients and run through your system quickly creating persistent hunger.

Soda aka Pop.  Soda is another contributor to America’s obesity epidemic. Soda has no good nutrition in it.  Period.  It’s added calories that most people don’t need.  In addition, soda has sugar in it that elevates blood glucose which is a strain on the pancreas and it’s release of insulin. Once this organ stops functioning properly health issues arise such as kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, weak immune system and other ailments.  So. instead of drinking soda, try drinking natural fruit juice (no sugar or sugar substitute added) or coffee (with not too much white sugar in it.)

Pizza.  This doughy cheesy favorite has basically no good nutrition in it. The bread is bad carbs (white bread) and the cheese has saturated fat in it which is considered bad fat.   Saturated fat is as bad as trans fat; it is the hardest to remove from your artery walls.  The healthier good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.  If you’re trying to not blimp out, try to avoid eating pizza or save it for special occasions.

Now let me talk about sugar. Many people realize that sugar is bad for you.  The calories it contains goes right to the scale and then of course there are health issues that we covered earlier.  To avoid these problems, some people turn to fake sugar to satisfy their sweet tooth. The problem is that fake sugar is far worse for you than real sugar. Fake sugar uses chemicals to mimic the sweetness of sugar that are very bad for your health. These chemicals include Aspartame and Sucralose. Both of those chemicals are bad for your liver, kidneys, brain and many other crucial organs in our bodies.  It’s probably better to just eat natural brown sugar in lower quantities or sweet fruit when you get that sugar craving.

I’m pretty passionate about eating and living healthy.  There’s still many more foods I haven’t covered but I wanted to start off here with some basics that I feel are important to limit or avoid.

Until next time….



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