Are We Heading Down The Wrong Road?

Serbia 2013It has been said that history has a tendency to repeat itself and I do believe this is true.  Looking at the people who are running the United States it appears fairly clear that our elected government representatives have never studied the history of the Roman Empire. The series of fiscal events when comparing the United States and the Roman Empire are unfortunately very similar. The Roman Empire lasted nearly 500 years from 27 BC – 476 AD until a series of events caused the decline of the empire.  These same events are happening today in our country.

One of the causes of the decline of the Roman Empire was the large amount of unemployment in the working class. The Roman Empire preferred to use cheap slave labor instead of paying higher wages to the working class citizens. In turn the working class became dependent on hand outs from the state. During the first two centuries slave labor within the Empire increased dramatically. The slave labor then led to slave revolts. One of the most famous revolts was led by the gladiator slave, Spartacus.

Another contributor to the fall of the Roman Empire was a failing economy and high inflation. The Empire was constantly threatened by bankruptcy due to the high cost of defending its land. The taxation rate was also very high towards the end of the Empire’s existence. In addition, there was a shortage of gold and silver which caused a devaluation of their currency. The Roman Empire consistently started putting less and less gold and silver into their currency.  This in turn led to the population resorting back to bartering.

Historians note that the Roman Empire experienced a decline in ethics and values during this time.  Life became cheap and bloodshed became more and more common. There were constant wars and heavy military spending. In response to this, the Roman Army became over stretched and needed more and more soldiers. History states that the Roman Empire had fierce foreign enemies – one of which was the barbarians. To help ease the shortage, the army allowed barbarians into the military which later was used against them because the barbarians learned the Empire’s tactics.  They were sacked by the barbarians two separate times; once in 410 AD and again in 455 AD.

So do you see the similarities? I certainly do. This is something the American people and the leaders of our nation need to take notice of unless we’re intending on a suicide of our nation. Like I said before history has a tendency of repeating itself.


So What Are Your Thoughts On This?

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