The Future of the American Dollar

Making money nowadays in America is harder than ever.  I think this is mainly because the American dollar doesn’t have the same buying power it once had. The US dollar once was backed by gold so there was intrinsic value to it; today that’s no longer the case. Now with digital banking they don’t even have all the money we use printed. So what does that mean money is now? Money is nothing more than points nowadays.

So how long are these points going to keep buying our country goods and services abroad? Think about how foreign countries probably feel about exchanging with the United States when our money is worth nothing. According to China and Africa will soon be on a gold standard.  I believe this will not be a good thing for the American dollar.

Gas prices for instance are mostly tax and everyone knows how gas prices have been slowly rising throughout the years here in the United States. As of April 2014, we all have to pay taxes on our healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act which I think won’t go as planned because some people just can’t afford insurance.  Those people are probably more concerned with real issues like how they’re going to feed their families their next meal. The Affordable Care Act also has fees; it appears taxing once isn’t enough for the United States Government. It’s almost as if the United States Government wants to keep us just satisfied enough not to rebel.

I would say bartering might be a solution here America but according to bartering is illegal; I guess they always have to have their hands in the cookie jar. All in all though, America is still a great country to live in relative to some other countries in this world.



So What Are Your Thoughts On This?

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