CIA – Gang of Fear or Essenctial for National Security

imagesI’m sure most of you think of the CIA is a state department we need here in America. I’m sure you also believe that they do their jobs under a code of law with integrity; well unfortunately that might not be the case. There’s an abundance of evidence indicating that the CIA acts more like a gang because of actions such as obstruction of justice, torture, and many more acts most people would find barbaric.

Before a hearing of alleged CIA. torture cases, the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein made a speech claiming that “the CIA improperly searched the computers used by committee staff members who were investigating the interrogation program as recently as January.” The CIA director, John Brennan denied these claims. According to, “Ms. Feinstein’s speech detailed the lengths to which the CIA had gone to hinder the committee’s investigation, which it began in 2009 after senators learned the agency had destroyed videotapes of the interrogations under President George W. Bush. Under President Obama, prosecutors exonerated the officials who ordered those tapes destroyed.” Feinstein also claimed the CIA was intimidating the Senate Staff over the torture cases.

There was one of many incidents with CIA misconduct involving German citizen named Khaled El-Masri. He was kidnaped by the CIA in Macedonia in 2003.  He was then held for four months, brutally interrogated and tortured at an Afghan prison despite the fact that he was simply a German car salesman. The CIA claims they mistakenly took him because they thought he was involved in Al Queda. This incident seems inexcusable; how does one accidentally torture the wrong person for four months?  What is even more disturbing is that Americans pay taxes to fund the CIA’s agenda.

Another torture incident involving the CIA occurred in Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay has had a fairly bad reputation due to it’s prison and the prisoners.  According to, 55% of the prisoners at Guantanamo were determined not to have committed any hostile acts against the US or its allies; only 8% were alleged to have had any kind of affiliation with Al Qaeda. Many people believe it’s not right to detain and torture that many innocent people for no legal reason. The CIA was basically trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.   These detainees had no information on Al Queda and were therefore unable to help the CIA.  In addition, they were not the appropriate people to recruit to become double agents either.

A famous Guantanamo Bay form of torture is waterboarding which was a technique that involved strapping someone to a board and covering their face with a towel or cloth. The person performing the torture would then repeatedly throw water in the victims face. This action often gives people a sensation of drowning.  This is just one form of torture the CIA uses and it appears this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Citizens may think the CIA needs to torture people in order to gather information that will keep our country protected and free from attacks.  That didn’t work so well in preventing the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Fort Hood Shooting, or the 32 other domestic terrorist attacks we’ve had in this country since 9/11. So what are your thoughts on this matter?

Do you feel the CIA is justified in their actions or do you feel they’re just another government sponsored gang that’s out of control? Leave your comments and let me know what you think.


1 thought on “CIA – Gang of Fear or Essenctial for National Security

  1. Interesting. But isn’t it the CIA’s job to spy, interrogate even torture to gather information in order to protect our country?


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