Need Weapons? Got Cash? Go to SOFEX!

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There’s an event known as SOFEX (Special Operations Forces Exhibition) held every two years in Amman which is in the country of Jordan. Top generals from just about all countries are welcome to attend. The event is held for one week and it attracts around 12,000 attendees from a large number of nations. This event might make some people wonder if war is really a game being played by top officials of different countries. Generals from enemy countries could be sitting or standing right next to each other while the soldiers under them are killing each other in war fields.




At SOFEX they sell just about anything associated with war. They sell Special Operations mobility methods such as Long Range Reconnaissance Vehicles, Armored Vehicles, Rapid Intervention Vehicles and Special Operations configuration helicopters just for starters. On the Special Ops equipment side, items sold are used for Counter Terrorism, Urban Warfare, Internal Security, Free Fall, Covert Insertion and much more. This place really defines the Military Industrial Complex (the business of war.)




If a country is interested in Security & Communications equipment, they have the choice of purchasing  Night Vision Systems, Surveillance, Target Acquisition Systems, Military Navigation Devises, Secure Communications Systems, Border Security and Counter Infiltration Equipment. In addition SOFEX offers NBC Warfare Equipment, Field Medical Equipment, Vehicle Mounted Weapons Systems, Small, Medium and Heavy Caliber Weapons and list goes on. This exhibition has just about anything needed to kill or control people.




For those countries who need education, SOFEX offers CT Training, Special Forces Training, Internal Security Training and Security Consulting. What’s interesting is that the Special Ops Forces from various countries can watch and analyze each other during these training sessions. Some people might find this strange because countries which are enemies can watch each others’ special ops performances. The US wants to call people like Edward Snowden a trader but it seems like America and many other countries’ biggest threat are their own government leaders. What’s scary is that most countries generals are buying weapons from SOFEX to use against their own people. What’s your opinion on this matter? Leave your comments below.




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