Right to Work? Good or Bad?

Right to Work laws have undeniably changed the impact Unions used to have here in the United States. Right to Work basically gives the employee the right not to have to pay union dues if they refuse to participate in a union. Unions usually, if not always charge dues if you work at a union represented job. This in turn has broken up unions in the Right To Work states and therefore these states’ employees receive less compensation, harder working conditions and less benefits. To be fair though Right To Work states have slightly higher tendencies to hire new people.


As you can tell from the graph above, since the 1970’s Corporate Profits have gone up; while employee compensation has gone down. Labor Unions are sometimes demonized by the mainstream media here in America, but in places like China it has protected and helped them against unfavorable compensation at Walmart. In 2006 Walmart finally permitted Labor Unions at their China locations.

The graph above shows how the minimum wage has stagnated since the early 70’s while the employee production has continued to rise more and more. This really effects the Right To Work states shown below colored in blue.

Right to work states


So what do you think? Do you think Right To Work is a good or bad thing?














So What Are Your Thoughts On This?

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