Bet You Didn’t Know Junk Food Modifies DNA

We all know junk food is bad for us but maybe we are underestimating how bad. There’s new research now that shows that junk food can actually affect human DNA scaffolding and gut microbiome which in turn effects the immune system. That immune system modification is then passed down to offspring. 









The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Maryland has found strong evidence that shows that flavor preferences such as having a sweet tooth could very well be something that is passed down to offspring as well. This may play a key role in an individual’s predisposition to obesity, diabetes and a slew of other diseases. So if you were to have two kids, one when you had a bad diet and one when your diet was healthy, the child you had when you were eating healthy would have significantly higher chances of living a healthy life as opposed to the child you had when your diet was poor.







When an individual eats food that has too much salt, sugar, fat or unhealthy additives it effects the gut microbiome; a bacteria needed in our body to function properly and efficiently. Imbalances in microbiome basically cause mutations which is why it’s important to stick to unprocessed and organic foods. According to, “in the gut (and on the skin), there is an optimal, albeit not yet fully elucidated, balance of bacterial species. Some strains of bacteria are needed to digest dietary fibers while others produce valuable nutrients like vitamin K.”

View the chart below to see how the human body utilizes microbiomes to function properly.















This is just the tip of the iceberg in this research; there should be much more coming to light in the near future. So next time you’re thinking of grabbing that candy… think again.


So What Are Your Thoughts On This?

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